Diets are Horizontal

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Blog

If you go “on” a diet you stay on the surface of yourself.

Somebody else tells you when, what and how much to eat.

“Just tell me what to do so I donʼt have to think about it.”

This seems easier at first and perhaps it even works for a while.

Some people are even able to stay on a diet for a year or two. Others eat the same foods every day in order feel in control.

Yet sooner or later you go “off” the diet. Each successive diet becomes less and less effective until finally you just canʼt go on another diet.

It is disheartening when you begin to realize that your diet isn’t working – but after all, who can maintain consistent deprivation?

So if diets donʼt work, how do we use lose weight and keep it off?

Go vertical!

Deepen into yourself (the opposite of a diet).
Pay attention to your body and the food you eat.
Engage and empower yourself.
Listen to the wisdom of your body.
Be present while you eat.

Conscious eating isnʼt something to endure. Instead, it is waking up to yourself and your body in order to restore a natural, comfortable relationship with food.

There are no food rules or a need to be perfect.

One of the keys to conscious eating is simple: while you eat, only eat. This means being present when you eat.

Forgo the TV, computer, reading. Focus on tasting your food.

This is simple but not easy if you are habituated to being distracted while eating.

A whole new world opens up when you give this way of eating a try. Eating consciously naturally encourages you to eat less.

This is how you let go of the struggle with food.

Go vertical!

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