Be Still

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Blog

Before you eat the first bite of food take a moment to be still. Just 5 seconds. Ask yourself, “to be or not to be?” To pay or not to pay…attention? This simple question brings you into the present moment.

Taking a moment of stillness before eating creates the possibility of a different eating experience. Different than the mindless driving, reading, watching TV kind of eating experience.

This still point is the choice point. Am I going to be conscious or unconscious? Either choice is fine, but CHOOSE! Wake up! This is half the battle even if you choose to be unconscious.

Even in the middle of a meal you can wake up and kindly ask yourself, Am I still tasting my food? Has my body had enough food even though I want to continue eating? Even if you choose to keep eating you are conscious of what you are choosing.

This act of choosing and being aware makes all the difference. Slowly and persistently this awareness erodes your ability to overeat.

So be still, only 5 seconds, and let the stillness work itʼs magic.

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