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Heavenly Bodies presents: Conscious Eating

April 30th, 2013 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Workshops and Retreats - (Comments Off on Heavenly Bodies presents: Conscious Eating)

Heavenly Bodies BannerA Yoga-based weekend designed to develop a positive and balanced relationship with food and your body (no yoga experience required)

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In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the parallels between developing a yoga practice and a healthy eating practice
  • Heal the restrictive diet mentality and restore a natural relationship with food and your body
  • Connect with your body wisdom and learn to release weight gracefully and intelligently
  • Leave with effective skills for maintaining conscious eating in your daily life

After all … “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” — Unknown

Peggy is team-leading this workshop with Jodi Petlin, founder of Shanti Yoga Studio in Whitefish, Montana.

Dates and Times:
Friday, June 7 | 5 – 8 pm
Saturday, June 8 | 10 am – 5 pm (lunch provided)
Sunday, June 9 | 10 am – 3 pm (lunch provided)

Shanti Yoga Studio (Second Floor)
235 Central Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Early Registration: $375 by 5/18/13
Regular: $425 after 5/18/13

To register or for information contact Jodi Petlin at 406.250.1363 or [email protected]

Space is limited – register early!

Conscious Eating: Wake Up and Slim Down

November 8th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Workshops and Retreats - (Comments Off on Conscious Eating: Wake Up and Slim Down)

Long-term lifestyle change calls for awareness, not deprivation.

Regardless of what food plan you follow, eating consciously provides the basic foundation for a sustained change in the way you eat and the way you treat your body.

Conscious Eating wakes you up to your own body wisdom. Learning to listen to your body gives you the support you need to know when to eat, how much to eat and when to stop, in a loving, non-judgmental way.

Conscious Eating empowers you to naturally eat less and make healthier choices without going on a diet. Taking care of yourself in this way releases you from the struggle with food.

The Conscious Eating program includes meditation, gentle movement, energy practices and visualizations.

Upcoming Dates TBA

Please contact me for more details.

Diets are Horizontal

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Blog - (Comments Off on Diets are Horizontal)

If you go “on” a diet you stay on the surface of yourself.

Somebody else tells you when, what and how much to eat.

“Just tell me what to do so I donʼt have to think about it.”

This seems easier at first and perhaps it even works for a while.

Some people are even able to stay on a diet for a year or two. Others eat the same foods every day in order feel in control.

Yet sooner or later you go “off” the diet. Each successive diet becomes less and less effective until finally you just canʼt go on another diet.

It is disheartening when you begin to realize that your diet isn’t working – but after all, who can maintain consistent deprivation?

So if diets donʼt work, how do we use lose weight and keep it off?

Go vertical!

Deepen into yourself (the opposite of a diet).
Pay attention to your body and the food you eat.
Engage and empower yourself.
Listen to the wisdom of your body.
Be present while you eat.

Conscious eating isnʼt something to endure. Instead, it is waking up to yourself and your body in order to restore a natural, comfortable relationship with food.

There are no food rules or a need to be perfect.

One of the keys to conscious eating is simple: while you eat, only eat. This means being present when you eat.

Forgo the TV, computer, reading. Focus on tasting your food.

This is simple but not easy if you are habituated to being distracted while eating.

A whole new world opens up when you give this way of eating a try. Eating consciously naturally encourages you to eat less.

This is how you let go of the struggle with food.

Go vertical!

Be Still

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Blog - (Comments Off on Be Still)

Before you eat the first bite of food take a moment to be still. Just 5 seconds. Ask yourself, “to be or not to be?” To pay or not to pay…attention? This simple question brings you into the present moment.

Taking a moment of stillness before eating creates the possibility of a different eating experience. Different than the mindless driving, reading, watching TV kind of eating experience.

This still point is the choice point. Am I going to be conscious or unconscious? Either choice is fine, but CHOOSE! Wake up! This is half the battle even if you choose to be unconscious.

Even in the middle of a meal you can wake up and kindly ask yourself, Am I still tasting my food? Has my body had enough food even though I want to continue eating? Even if you choose to keep eating you are conscious of what you are choosing.

This act of choosing and being aware makes all the difference. Slowly and persistently this awareness erodes your ability to overeat.

So be still, only 5 seconds, and let the stillness work itʼs magic.

Visualizing Wellness Weightloss

April 26th, 2012 | Posted by PeggyKincaid in Workshops and Retreats - (Comments Off on Visualizing Wellness Weightloss)

Ratna Ling Retreat Centerat Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Often in our busy lives we override and lose touch with the natural wisdom of the body. We stop listening to messages our bodies send us. When this occurs, our relationship with food becomes unbalanced.

This workshop is about restoring the natural balance with food, your body, and your self. You learn how to listen to your body, how to find true inner and outer nourishment, and how to lose weight without dieting. Your body doesn’t like the dieting cycle of overeating, deprivation, and the return to overeating. Come learn something new.

Discover how to treat your body and your self with the real secret to weight loss: kindness. The workshop includes Tibetan yoga, visualizations, food awareness practices, journaling and practical tips.

For inquiry and registration (510) 809-1550 or [email protected]